Thomas Jefferson South Tower

Rolla, MO
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Completion Date:
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Project Owner's POC:
JoAnne Steineman, P.E.
Construction Manager
Antella Consulting Eng POC:
Monica Santos, P.E., LEED™ AP

Project Data:

Complete electrical renovation

This project pertains to:
Education, Housing

The eleven-story 80,993 square foot Thomas Jefferson South Tower was built in 1982 as an expansion to the seven-story Thomas Jefferson North Tower.  The towers are connected by a one-story entry link.

Provided complete electrical renovation by redesigning the electrical distribution system including replacing all electrical panels.  All new energy efficient lighting was provided throughout the facility.

Fire alarm system was upgraded and a new fire command center was designed in the main floor level.

The existing interior generator was removed and replaced with a new exterior mounted generator.  The generator serves the life safety, fire pump and elevator loads.