Rogers Heritage High School

Rogers, AK
Project Start Date:
Completion Date:
Construction Amount:
Type of Work Completed:
Lighting Design
Project Owner's POC:
David Cauldwell
Business Manager
Antella Consulting Eng POC:
Monica Santos, P.E., LEED™ AP

Project Data:

Provided lighting design to specialty areas including the Main Entry, Courtyard, Main Lobbies, Media Center, Commons Area and Theatre.

This project pertains to:
Education, K-12
Rogers Heritage High School

Rogers Heritage High School project consisted of 325,000 sqft facility including a complete remodel of the existing building and additions.

We provided lighting design services for the high profile areas consisting of the Courtyard, Main Entries, Auditorium, Commons Areas, Cafeteria, Library as well as the Main Entry into the new Gymnasium.