Hudson, Gillett and Rollins Residence Halls

Columbia, MO
Project Start Date:
Completion Date:
Construction Amount:
Type of Work Completed:
Electrical, Lighting Design
Project Owner's POC:
Marsha Smith, P.E.
Project Manager
Antella Consulting Eng POC:
Monica Santos, P.E., LEED™ AP

Project Data:

Complete electrical renovation of two 92,000 GSF seven-story towers.

This project pertains to:
Education, Housing

Hudson & Gillett Residence Halls are individual seven-story buildings with partial basements connected by the commons building Rollins Hall. The entire complex was constructed in 1965. Hudson & Gillett house over 400 students and are approximately 92,000 GSF each. A new main entrance was provided with new commons/service desk area. Provided complete electrical renovation by redesigning the electrical distribution system including replacing all existing federal pacific electrical panels. All new energy efficient lighting was provided throughout the facility. Students were provided lighting flexibility in the sleeping rooms by providing control of lighting to provide two different light levels. Fire alarm system was upgraded and main panels for each building were replaced with Networkable fire alarm panels so that all three buildings could be monitored from each panel. A new 350 kW generator with emergency power distribution system was provided for life safety and fire pump loads.